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I spent the weekend Pin Rigging off the end of Bogue Inlet Pier the weekend of June 16-17.

June 16: I left the DC metro area at 9:30PM on Friday night to make the trip with my friend Amy down to Emerald Isle. We pulled into the Bogue Inlet Pier parking lot around 4:30AM to find the kind gentleman from Johnson City TN maning the pierhouse on the overnight shift (for those of you who fish BIP regualrly, your morning encounter is usually with a large, jabba the hut women who besides being unsightly is also extremely unpleasant and in no hurry to get the doors open at the advertised opening time. We loaded up our gear and arrived at the end to meet with pier staffer Danny Glover and other hardy types who were hooking anchor weights onto their heavers. I rigged up our anchor rods while Amy worked on plugging up some bait... and she was on fire quick! Four small taylor blues were in the bucket at the hands of her slow jigging while I sent two anchors screaming into the gray misty morning sky. We hoped that slot #14 and 17 would be lucky numbers as I set the anchors and prepped my Penn 113H's for a long screaming run.
The baby blues slid down the anchor line to their doom at around 5:45 AM. I picked up my gotcha rod and proceeded to catch a couple of "bubba blues" (taylors just a tad too big to use as pin rig bait) and 3 small spanish mackeral. A small cobia (25-30 inches) was landed on a small spot soon after daylight, but the pin rigs remained silent for the rest of the day. Amy and I caught around 35 blues, and I caught the three spanish, but the rest of the excitement was limited to two large blacktip sharks hooked on live spots off the north side of the pier. One appeared to be around 6 1/2 feet when the angler decided to cut his leader rather than risk serious injury to the large number of onlookers following a mid-pier gaffing. We called it a day around 5:00PM and had dinner at a small Cape Carteret eatery called Fishtrap. Just to be detailed, I had the Thai Crabcakes, which came with a salad, cucumbers, cold vineger soaked pasta, and tasteless yellow rice. $20 down the crapper.

The next morning started early as we checked out of the Parkerton Inn at 4:00AM. We arrived at the pier early again to ensure a leisurely equipment set up in the pre dawn hour. Again my heaves landed in front of slot 14 and 17 and Amy again flipped blue after blue over the deck. I was tickled because this was the first time she had ever saltwater fished and she was killing them like Bill Dance on a private pond. My biggest worry before the trip was that she would get bored, so having cooperative blues was a blessing. We filled our buckets quickly, and then when the morning run slowed we relaxed and caught a few naps to make up for the friday all night drive. Sadly, while we caught more blues than the previous day, the pin rigs remained quiet except for turnaround blues hitting shad. I managed to get a strike from a mahi mahi on a gotcha (see other thread) and two more large black tip sharks were hooked off the side. Breakfast consisted of powerbars, apples, and water. Lunch was pizza (delivered to the pier no less). We headed back to DC around 4:00PM hopeful that we would avoid the awful sunday traffic that I had run into on previous trips. Luckily, we avoided traffic and got home around 10:00PM

Total score for the trip

around 50 blues, 4 spanish (3 saturday, 1 sunday) 1 lizard fish

Next report will be oon Avalon Pier July 1-8

thanks for the forum!
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