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Let me first say that a wise fisherman once told me, "if I planned my fishing trips around what the weatherman said the weather was going to be, I'd never go fishing."

Friday I was thinking, today was going to be a washout. By Saturday, it was from aftermoon until early night (still the entire trip) Sunday morning it was 5PM and over. Well, while it was very breezy today, not one drop of rain fell until 7PM and then for such a brief period of time, it was hardly worth all the hype. The bite wasn't great and really died when the "storm" passed completely. When the wind stopped blowing, the fish stopped too. It sure was beautiful though.

I hesitated to take a one man trip but, I am really glad I did. Ted was a tremendous fsiherman, and great company. He fishes his home lakes in Oklahoma and never fished tidal much less backwater tidal waters. He was a quick study.

Here are just a few pics. He wanted to take a couple so his family didn't think he had gone to a gentleman's club instead of fishing.

Capt Dave
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