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June 12th Double Report

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Well my clients showed up late but it did not matter as the wind was whipping. We ate some ribs and chicken and launched. My engine started and ran. A modern miracle as I found one quart of water in the crankcase oil when prepping it for the season. Could be a gasket leak or maybe condensation from a stuck thermostat. In any case it ran and we went fishing. I will be hunting for a new Honda 50. This engine is on its 15th year of guiding and owes me nothing.. It has been flawless till end of last years season.
On to the fishing report. Lots of Potomac Pike hits and two lost after light hookset. LGmouth are thick as thieves and looking up for topwater baits. Final count was 0 Potomac Pike and 18 LGMouth landed.
Also some big white perch on topwater.

Capt Mike

No high tide and lots of wind repo

3pm was supposed to be high tide. Someone forgot to tell the tide...

It was half high at best. When it went low, man did it go low. Some pad edges that are usually fishable, could not be accessed because there was no water under them. We got fish and lost fish. Father and young son that fished well together.

Capt Dave
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