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Tonight's trip was a father and son trip. Both new to snakehead fishing they got a real taste for this odd style of fishing. Started out with some catching of fish on light tackle. Several bass, a catfish again along with some white perch thrown in. Once the tide was we ventured into the snakehead fishing. Lots of questions turned into lots of missed hits and a big snakehead that decided to eat right at the boat. It happened so fast that the father pulled the lure away as it charged the boat. This one was an easy 12lb brute. Several times the snakehead would eat and the hookset just did not happen. But they got a real taste for this awesome gamefish. As the tide rolled out we changed to poppers and caught four more bass. Two of them tagged.. come on Diamond Jim be winner. Well at least a few hats.

Got checked by DNR by a young lady with most gorgeous blue eyes. Got lost in those blue eyes and I started to stutter..
Think she knew I was lost..LOL

Little to no rain fell on us.

Capt Mike
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