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Not so much for reds, but I've caught specs on them. Used to be the old Rebel Minnow was as good as any, but I like Mirrolure & Rapala XRaps too.
I've got more "refined" jerkbaits I use for bass, and they'll all catch fish, but not sure I would use them in the salt. I have converted some by changing hooks to saltwater type, such as Husky Jerks & Rogues, but not specifically for either fish species.

I don't get to wrapped up in colors, even though I have many. Anything with a basic white/silver/gold/pearl "baitfish" color pattern will work. I like black/purple, and chartreuse too, which generally work for a lot of fish. I've done fine with pink too. I've got some Gag's Mambo Minnows & Mirrolures in pink colors that specs seem to like sometimes.

Never tried them under a popping cork, but would likely work with sinking type lures in the "right" situation. I usually use a small bucktail jig or a shrimp type bait under a popping cork.

Don't overlook using a teaser fly with a jerkbait, as that can be very productive. Tie the fly to a short 4" to 10" dropper with a loop knot ahead of the lure. Keep the fly far enough away from the lure so they don't tangle. ;)

BTW, flounder will take jerkbaits too if you fish them closer to the bottom. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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