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JCreamer, you there???

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Is it true NBP will start closing at 11pm on July 1st??? If so can you shed some light on this.

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let's hold candle light protests in from of the pier

just kidding
:---> 8(---)
Hat80 and MC what are you going to do?

I'm leaving for NBP at 10:30pm tonight to catch the 2:35am high tide. That way I'll be at the office to put a foot in someones @ss when they open at 8:00am. Anybody want to go?....Tightlines
Go get em b/c I wanted to fish there this summer.

Where are you,Va? Get in the truck and lets go! The bite started there last night about this time. In the next few days you will see a webpage attacking the North Beach government. Thats a public pier and they don't have the right. I'm not going to take this laying down. But just in case I'm headin out tonight, should be a good bite on the out going tide. I have the bait you game?...Tightlines
Hey sorry didn't see your message till this morning Hat. I don't do much fishing during the week b/c of my work schedule. Had to work late yesterday and then early today.
I am back..Had a problem with a power hit and my surge strip did not work..I blew out my computer big time.
I am up with anew one and yes it is true about the pier being colsed at 1100 p.m.
The residents along the water front are blaming the fishermen for their problems..
They will not accept the fact that the NB locals and the kids are 90% of the problem there..
I walked by one (15 yr old) and he was swearing with all the choice words and when I asked him to hold it down he wanted to kick my a----:eek: I told him to make a couple phone calls first..One for thecops for me and then an ambulance for him..I for one am tired of that..The beach patrol came by and was not much support..
Yes it is true..
jcreamer thanx

Your info has been greatly appreciated. By the way, Did you get your cast removed yet???

Yes the cast is off finally now I am getting fitted for a brace that I will be wearing from now on. Everytime I am going tobe ont he leg I have to wear an ankle brace. I can live with that it is better than other alternatives.
I was at the pier the other night and met HAt80 I enjoyed the time that I spent there..
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