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Monday on Nags Head Pier was another of those days fishing that memories are made of. It started slow enough and then gained momentum. The sea mullet were the first to hit, not fast and furious, but enough to keep the folks along the length of the pier happy.

Next the specks moved in near the shore break. Not huge numbers, but good sized. Most everything was picked up while using lime green /silver flake Culrtails, 4". Many fish in the 4-5 lb. range. Several fishermen were also fishing from the beach to the south of the pier and having equally satisfying results.

At around 10:00 the first of the blues was picked up on cut-bait. Then several on 1 1/4 oz. red/white Got-cha plugs. Originally the action was resigned to a section of the pier that was about 100' long, but soon they were literally being picked up over the entire length. By the time I'd tied on a section of shock leader and a Got-cha they were out to me. The action was none stop until nearly 11:30. I'm not sure how many were brought to the planks, but I don't think anyone went away disappointed. Personally, I released eveything having put two coolers of sea mullet fillets in the freezer just the day before.

Surprisingly, a nice percentage of the blues were 4 lbs. and above. Granted there was a fair share under, but all indications lean toward a good run of good sized bluefish will be around for the taking. Get here if you can.
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