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Straight from the Col, @ NCDMF..
Notice: on "closed Piers with a "Open Gate Policy" The *RULE* is to encourage, Folks, to possess & purchase, a Salt Water license, before and have in possession, WHILE on the PIER.,,
IN ADDITION, YOU ARE NOT, *covered*, under a "Blanket license" Via the pier, (when closed; as tickets represent "trip ticket" Data)..... The REASON is because NCDMF needs the *DATA* to insert your fave fish here--> __________,
On How many folks are fishing and for what... POINT BLANK, My sincere apologies to Kreggster Spencer,(facebook), On being correct..
Tight Lines carry on...
Just don't "abuse" the open Gate policy,,(If you're Pier provides one),, & tight lines.. Take a Kid Fishing..
Carolina/Northern ext, is CLOSED,, Kure pier is OPEN..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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