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Is there any fishing to be done

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in St Micheals MD.? Work in their infinite wisdom is sending me there tomorrow an was wondering if I should bring a lure stick with me. Only will have an hour before heading home to do it.
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Cdog...Unless you are fishing from a boat, access to the water is almost nonexistant. Everything is private property over there. Your best bet would be to fish of the docks. Plenty of white perch and spot to be caught using a small spinner bait. If you're there for lunch the Crab Claw Resturant is the place to eat.

Catman, thanks for th info,I'll just take my little rod that stays in th van. Crab Claw Resturant, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks again.
You remind me of my wife allways talking about food, but I am the one that is 280# :jawdrop:
Oldsalt...Over the years I've come to realize that there is no bad food; it's just that some is better than other. I think I'll go on a diet and give up brussel sprouts.:barf: Trigger, if you read this no brussel sprouts on the sub please.

At least we agree on the Brussels

I believe there's a small rock jetty at the very end of the island just above Walnut Pt. Fishing there isn't very good but you might be able to poke around some of the creeks on the island for small stripers.

But the above posts are right--public access on the Md. part of the Bay sucks and St. Michaels is no exception.
Island with no fishing access?

Maybe th hotel I'm going to will be waterfront. :eek:
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