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Is My 20# Suffix Good Enough

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Hello to all,

I guess I was one of the lucky ones on Father's day. :) My wife got me a new Okuma EB 80 Baitrunner, and a 12 Okuma Rod rated 4-10oz. i am planning on getting some 50# Power Pro to put on it but for now I wanted to know if my 20# Suffix would be good enough to do some Cobia Fishing or should I wait until I get the Power Pro.:confused:
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Never fished for MR Brown

Can't help ya there. Never fished for Cobia. They get awfullt big though.
That's a nice Father's Day present. Your wife better get some credit for that!
I'm getting a one hour massage from Tammy--the "massage therapist" in Rockville.:)
I wouldn't go with 20 lb. test for cobia. I use 30 lb. test for them but know many people who use 40 or 50 lb. test to go after those trucks. Heavy tackle for cobia is the way to go unless you have a boat. If I were you, I would wait until I got the 50 lb. test Power Pro.
I have to disagree. I know many people who fish for cobes and big drum with 20, 17 and even 15 pound test. Just make sure you're using a shock leader. There's nothing wrong with using 30 pound line, but it's not a must-have.

And be careful if you're using Power Pro on a pier--that stuff can cut through other lines, which doesn't really make you any friends out there. The other problem with using heavy braids is that you're going to strip your gears if you don't leave the drag just as light as you would with mono. People think that they can take a reel rated for 20 pound line and spool it up with 50 and clamp the drag all the way down to horse the fish--ask any tackle shop repairmen what that does to the gears in a reel when you have a big fish on the other end.
Sand flea, I meant if the person is fishing from a pier. Normally if you catch a cobe on a king rig you have to horse the fish in which isn't something you can do on 15 lb. test--especially if it goes for the pier pilings. But your 100% right BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHERE YOUR LINE GOES!
i use 20 on cobes. 30 seems to heavy plus light tackle is more fun.
On the subject of overloading the reel using powerpro. I just picked up a StCroix (great sale) wild river series rated 8-12# and I’m looking for a reel. BasPro is holding a Shimano spirex rated 6-10# that I was planning to spool with 20# PowerPro. Is this overdoing it – should I get a bigger reel like 8-12# or use lower test powerpro?
I think using 20 lb. Power Pro would be fine because with braided line you can get big pound test like 20 lb. power pro has the same diameter of 10 or 12 lb. mono. I would go for it.
Just my opinion...Do yourself a favor and stick with a good quality mono. There are alot of guys and gals that will be fishing around you that will pitch a hissy-fit over that braided line if you come in after they have already setup.

Just my 2 cents worth
A quality reel, with a GOOD drag will serve you better than an oversized line.

If a Cobia takes you under the pier, you're in big trouble, no matter what "miracle" line you have.

A good long shock leader is also essential.
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