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Is fishing below Loch raven Bridge legal?

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I've been trying to find what areas are legal to fish at loch raven, I can't seem to find any official things on the internet, I look at the Baltimore county rec site and found where it said no boating below loch raven bridge, but nothing about fishing, I know some people that swear you can fish below the bridge, just not directly below the big dam. I know the old fishing in Maryland magazines state no fishing below the bridge but that doesn't seem to be official, and there is one sign that says no fishing in this area that's above the dam, but I don't see signs anywhere else. does anyone know of any official Gov sites that actually list the areas that you are not allowed to fish?
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No. Fishing below Bridge #1 on Loch Raven Drive is not legal. Signs are posted everywhere. See number 9 in the list of rules.

Thanks, I know if your on the north side of the lake above the bridge and hike below the bridge there are no signs. I did see a sign on the other side. I know lots of people fish below the lake
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