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Recorded a skunk at IRI last Fri.
There was a chopper blitz at the Coast guard station tho......I was on the the south side when this occurred and missed it. It was super foggy Fri morning and couldn't see the other side.
Saw 1 10# chopper and a couple of 30" Rock on the sidewalk just east of the bridge(north side) later in the am. Also saw a 40" Rock on the sidewalk....which is illegal. Dude said it was 36"....no way. Guy kept it anyway.

Damn that place is hard to fish when the current is ripping. If your not losing gear, your not catching Stripers.
Those that had success were jigging 4"flukes on a 2oz leadhead in tight to the rocks.

Need to change my approach next time. Storm swim shads were useless unless you had 2-3oz in front of them.

Peter(Tuna), I tried to PM you but my reply didn't send.
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