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Fished Indian River Inlet by boat on Sunday.... We were a little late on the rising tide, but caught the last hour before full high tide. There were about 8 boats including ours out there and about 20 or so guys fishing from the rocks.

I hauled in a nice striper, 29 1/2 inches and 15 - 16 pounds. Also saw two stripers boated about 50 yards from where we were. They seemed to be in the 28 to 30-inch range as well. I caught mine on a white bucktail with a white worm. Most of the guys were fishing the same. However, I did see some guys live lining some shad, but don't know if anyone picked anything up with them. Water was a steady 44 degrees all day and we were marking loads of stripers on the Garmin even after the tide had risen. They just stopped hitting after the tide rose.

When I got got mine home and fileted her, I opened the stomach up and pulled out 6 or 7 small sand eels that weren't even digested. Looks like the stripers are gorging themsleves on the sand eels. That would explain why the white on white bucktail-worm combination is working so well. Everyone who has been catching stripers at IRI for the past week have been fishing the high tide, about 2 - 3 hours before the high tide and then taking off after the tide rises. I've heard some guys say that the stripers are turning back on around an hour before the low tide as well. I haven't fished the low tide yet, so I can't verify...

Looks like the stripers are going to be there for a while so I would get down there ASAP....
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