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IRI question

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i'm seriously considering going out there one day ( maybe saturday ). i was wondering how far it was from the rt. 50 split after passing through kent island. the reason i'm asking is because the choptank is 130 miles from me and i did a mapquest for rehoboth beach, de and it's 160 miles. i don't mind driving, i just want to throw some lures at the blues/rockfish, learn how to catch tog, and learn where to fish at the place. i also want to learn about tides if at all possible. i do pretty well guessing when to fish now, and i have a good time throwing lures at kent narrows at the small fish but i keep hearing/reading about this place and i want to go now.

o.k., so who's game for being a teacher! i'm free saturday as far as i know.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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