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IRI a day late(early) and school of bluefish short

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Ok I struck out on the IRI adventure I couldnt stay long I had a honey-do list.Im sorry I did not met any of you guys.Any way I got let off at my house around noon and my partner headed to Woodland beach pier,he calls me after a hour and tells me he got a 26 inch striper.....
then this easter morning Im reading the delaware fishing report from R&R sport center AND READ THIS LAST LINE

Racer blues arrived in Indian River Easter Sunday. Metals and bucktails did the trick.

OH WELL...............

Flounder fishing picked up at the canal and Roosevelt Inlet this week with some nice catches coming on minnow-jighead and squid-spearing combos.

The rips and Brown Shoal are holding decent numbers of stripers that can be taken on live eels and bucktail - cut bait combos. Chunkers report fish to 40 inches while fishing th area of the old Horseshoe and the upper end of the 20 ft. Slough.

Taug are biting green crabs and clams at local rockpiles and snags.

Indian River produced bass on eels and bucktails in the inlet and flounder in the back bay areas. Mark Stephens checked in a 21 lb bass taken on a white bucktail in front of the coast guard station.

A few bass have been taken on clam and worm baits in the suds. Larry Johnson at the shop beached a 41 inch bass at Assateague on a bunker chunk.

Freshwater fishing has really turned on for a varietyof species. Minnows fished under floats will produce during the last hour of daylight.

Racer blues arrived in Indian River Easter Sunday. Metals and bucktails did the trick.

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Send in the alligators! :eek: Blues on light tackle and metal is great! I like to take them in the surf on poppers best of all.
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