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Went down to the River today, (River Road Park)..
black Drum, (pan sized) Lotsa Croakers, small... a flounder every now & then.. Big Reds ya gotta work & Wait for..
NO trout..
Blue crabs are being "caught" pretty good now, Nice Jimmies..
Bait: mud minnows are showing up, as are Pogies,, they are hand sized!
On the PIERS, Carolina Beach.. Dredging is on-going @ Kure Pier, water is Muddy, Renourishment going on till at least the first week of May.. The NORTH Pier... blues are being caught on Gotchas & Mackerel Trees... NO Bottom fish..
Spanish have started showing up on the South Beaches & piers today... OCP...(Oak Island)..
huge Spanish, Citation size just off the beach in 30' of water... In Yuge Numbers...
Numerous Black drum on most all of the beaches,, biggins too!
The Killer mullet bite is still on-going north on the Topsail Piers...
that is all... 1AB..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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