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Inexspensive surf combo

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Howdy all! So I'm getting back in to surf fishing and I'm thinking about purchasing a 13' rod with a quality conventional reel. The combo I have now is a 12' Tica with a Diawa SHA 20. It works well, but I need one more combo. I'm interested in suggestions, a lot to choose from out there. Are the $130-$160 rods tough enough to withstand typical abuse, or should I jump up to the $250 range which includes tica, some penn and a few others. Never knew about akios reels till now, Are they worth it?

Anyways, if you wouldn't mind, please feel free to help me build an inexspensive combo for 8nbait that will be more for anyone to throw including my wife and teenagers, not so much for distance. Thank you in advance.
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I gotta ask lol, says you registered 10 years ago and this is your first post?

So, anyway, if you’re looking for decent quality affordably, I would go with a used heaver in the marketplace and If you want new, you can try the Fiblink rods, super cheap, and nice for the price!
They make a 13’ Moon Sniper 8oz rod, 2 pc. 50/50 split!
The guides are basically like your average cheap guides, and only had one break so far on a cast, which I think I banged the guide anyway earlier!
I love my Ticas, which you mentioned, and could go with another one of them, pretty affordably!
Then you have Ugly Stik, BPS Ocean Master, Daiwa all have affordable options now and Penn has a lot of rods too, cannot go wrong any of the Battalion’s and even have the Squadron lll heavers now for under $100
I just saw they released their new Tidal Surf series overseas, but can be bought online around $200 and sent over here!
As for conv. reels, there’s all kinds of cheap reels now or you can do the same thing and go buy a good quality reel used affordably in the marketplace!
You have Penn Squall’s, 525’s, Daiwa SL30SH and Saltist 20-30, Abu 6500-7000, Akios 656-757, Omoto Chief 6000-7000 and Chief Extreme530/630, Mingyang, Piscfun etc. etc.
I’m sure some others will jump in with some more help and ideas, if not, I can name some more of models from those manufactures you just have to pick a set price point and options for level wind or no level wind and do you want some sort of mag braking?

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Ab-sa- freakin-lutely LMAO brother, you gotta be kidding me!!!
Those are very old and very, very good, Graphite rods you got there my friend!
And you got five of them, damn, I would love to get my hands on one of them old Pinnacle’s, that’s what I grew up fishing, along with Silstar and Fenwick too!
I would get some decent guides and wrap a them up quite nicely as conventionals, depending on what guides are on them?
As to my comment about you joining 10 years ago and now posting, a lot of weird crap is happening on the Internet anymore, freaking spam bots, and everything else it’s just crazy!

Very nice, I also see you one of my all-time favorite Classics in there too, looks like an Daiwa Apollo in there, if I’m not mistaken!
Are those three unused ones, conventional or spinning?

The price was right, but holy cow, the 42oz weight of those rods is ridiculous lol!
You’re literally carrying over 5 pounds of just rods!
Got to ask again, why you went with you went with the ULUA type rods?
I can see if you’re in the rocks and rough stuff like that, but I could never use or need a rod that heavy!

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