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Inexspensive surf combo

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Howdy all! So I'm getting back in to surf fishing and I'm thinking about purchasing a 13' rod with a quality conventional reel. The combo I have now is a 12' Tica with a Diawa SHA 20. It works well, but I need one more combo. I'm interested in suggestions, a lot to choose from out there. Are the $130-$160 rods tough enough to withstand typical abuse, or should I jump up to the $250 range which includes tica, some penn and a few others. Never knew about akios reels till now, Are they worth it?

Anyways, if you wouldn't mind, please feel free to help me build an inexspensive combo for 8nbait that will be more for anyone to throw including my wife and teenagers, not so much for distance. Thank you in advance.
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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, I had time to go through all my fishing tackle, rods, reels and realized I have way more than I thought. So instead of buying an 8nbait combo, I'm going to repair the unusable rods I have now. Before Greg's Bait & Tackle was actually Greg's Bait & Tackle, I think it was portsmouth tackle, they were getting rid of pinnacle surf rods for really cheap, I bought five 11' 2" graphite rods for $25 a piece. But even though they have been stored in my garage for the past 12 to 13 years out of the weather and four of the five have never been used, the guides are coming off when they're touched. So I'm going to learn how to rebuild the rods I have because the one pinnacle rod I did use for years was a great rod, so the graphite blanks must be decent.

And yes, I joined the forum ten years ago馃ぃ. I started my own business at the same time so fishing had to take a seat in the back, I've just now been able to start thinking about fishing again.
Omoto Chief 6000 CTM and don't look back. Fantastic quality and superb performance to last a lifetime. If quality, performance, longevity and bang-for-the buck are what you require. The Chiefs were an eye opener for me and they're priced right at less than 6500 Abu's, and they have magnetic cast control! You have a PM incoming about these reels.

As to the rod, I've had both uber cheap and big dollar rods, mostly I roll my own, but I've tested the heck out of the Fiblink surf rods coming out of Asia that are $75 off Amazon and I'm a believer - 13 feet, 2 piece, 4-8ozs, they get the job done.

For $75 I'm buying a 13'.
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So I have five of these and the guides are literally falling off when I touch them. 11' 6" lure weight up to 9oz. Worth taking the time to strip the guides off and installing stainless?
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Ab-sa- freakin-lutely LMAO brother, you gotta be kidding me!!!
Those are very old and very, very good, Graphite rods you got there my friend!
And you got five of them, damn, I would love to get my hands on one of them old Pinnacle鈥檚, that鈥檚 what I grew up fishing, along with Silstar and Fenwick too!
I would get some decent guides and wrap a them up quite nicely as conventionals, depending on what guides are on them?
As to my comment about you joining 10 years ago and now posting, a lot of weird crap is happening on the Internet anymore, freaking spam bots, and everything else it鈥檚 just crazy!

If you're ever on the east coast of VA I'll trade ya a pinnacle rod for something, don't know what, maybe a used conventional reel if you're interested.

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So check this out. This is where a good portion of my poles have been stored for the past 10 or so years and when I started messing around with them again, maybe a month ago, the guides on the Pinnacle鈥檚 have turned into complete garbage.

Here are three of the Pinnacle鈥檚. Never been used.

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Very nice, I also see you one of my all-time favorite Classics in there too, looks like an Daiwa Apollo in there, if I鈥檓 not mistaken!
Are those three unused ones, conventional or spinning?

All of them are conventional.
Ask Greg at the bait shack if he has any 1508 or 1509 rainshadows. Good 8nbait rods, price has probably gone up since Ronnie was building them though. Used to be very reasonably priced for what it is locally compared to little further south.
Will do, thank you.
leeeeeeee, could you expand on " the guides are coming off when they're touched" ?

Do the guides have excessive corrosion ?
Are the thread wraps frayed or rotting ?
Nothing is frayed and minimal corrosion. If you grab the eye and wiggle ever so slightly, the ceramic will disintegrate and fall apart. Atleast I think it's ceramic, not sure, not a rod builder. The rods haven't moved for ten years so it's really odd. But I look forward to rebuilding. Tonight I removed the the guides and wrap on one of the rods, got down to the blank. Gonna post in the rod building section to get some recommendations on what guides to use.
Thanks for all the advice on rods/combos. I bought two rods and received them Monday and I tell you what! These rods are built like a tank. I got two Penn Battalion II ULUA rods, 13' 6-10oz. I was a little skeptical at first because I bought them online from Walmart but I couldn't resist because they were only $131 each. I paired it with my diawa sealine and I was able to cast a 6oz weight 135 yards today. A little heavy, but sweet as hell.
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Ok, 8oz sinker makes a huge difference in casting distance compared to a 6oz. 6oz sinker was average 125yards with one cast hitting 135. Today with the 13' ulua rod with an 8oz sinker I was averaging 110 yards. Same reel on my new 12' ugly stik xh was averaging 85 yards. Same reel on my 12' Tika was averaging 100 yards. Is 100 yards a good cast with an 8oz sinker? Would buying a Akios mag or penn mag add distance compared to my daiwa sealine with the break blocks installed?
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