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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post.
I'm also new to blackfish/tog fishing.
I took my dad and a few other friends to IRI last Saturday and had a blast.
What a steep learning curve it has been.
Fishing has been FANTASTIC but catching has not, at least for us.
We donated a ton of gear to the 'rock' and 'snag' fish.

We were directed to the south jetty by the local tackle shops.
There must have been at least 2 dozen fishermen, mostly fishing for togs when we arrived.

From my limited observation...only a handful of people were catching togs while the rest were fishing. The ones that were catching had it dialed in. They were fishing maybe 10' from shore and were looking for a holes or crevices for the sinkers to fall into.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to go out again soon.
Would love to learn more about blackfish/tog fishing.

From NOVA,
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