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I totally agree with BeachBob, you definitely need a longer rod!
I will have to admit, I’m a little surprised lol that he did not steer you towards the salmon/steelhead rods as he did for me, he’s also in the middle of a million different projects at all times, so may have just slipped his mind!
I use to plug with 7’6 foot rod basically the same jig wt. your using, just a different area that’s all lol!
So at his recommendation to switch over to one of these types, I went over to bass pro and got the 8‘6“ fish eagle just to use for an experiment!
I am also using Abu 5500 reel with braid as well.
The difference was night and day, by switching to a longer more moderate rod. Easily picked up 20 yards without trying. And I will admit, I am a fast action rod type of guy, and had to get used to the rod doing the work for me, instead of me doing all the work!
No doubt, in my mind that it made it less taxing on me and enjoyable, that’s for sure!
I also now fish with another guy that uses a 10 ft S/S rod so he can throw 1/4 oz jigs way out on the flats in the back bays over here for Striper, fluke and weaks!
He throws that quarter ounce right past my half ounce like it’s nothing with that 10 footer, it annoys the crap out of me too LMAO!
So I would ask BeachBob, or there has to be others using this technique as well!
If you watch tournament casters, throwing super light weights, they aren’t using short rods. They’re using very moderate, long rods with super light lines, it’s the only way to achieve long distance with light weights!

1 - 1 of 17 Posts