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I do not believe the lack of sportsmanship deminstrated by James Williams and his Capital Longcaster membership in their decision to deny the written request( as requested,see post below)of the Potomac Longcasters (Charlie, Bob, Earl, Ralph, Jimmy
and Dwight) to cast with them at Kennelworth Park on saturdays, while other individuals are welcome. INCREDULOUS!
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In response to some calls I've gotten about this post let me explain: I find it unbelievable that after James made "the piece" with us at the Northeast tournament, he has broken it already. James even made me HUG him! It must have been a bad hug!! I've never been a huggie, fealie type of guy anyway, so if that really is it, I guess I'll have to be the one to apologize. Anyway when we had to leave Anacostia one Saturday morning at 9am because the boy scouts had a national kite flying day we went to James' casting field Kennelworth to cast. Since the "peace" had been made, we thought we'd be welcome and after a while James and Larry showed up and there was not a cross word said. We cast for hours, three or four of us and Larry and James from Capital and we all, seemingly, had a good time. I find it unbelievable that James NOW says "some of his guys were very upset that we came to the field without asking for permission!!" I find it unbelievable that James extended a welcome to anyone to come on out to his reserved field for free lessons but that any "clubs" should submit written requests when there is only one casting club within 100 miles and that is the Potomac Longcasters. He could have just said "don't bother Potomac Loncasters you're not welcome!" I don't believe that it took a special Capital Longcaster meeting on Friday night to decide our fate. Where was it held, from what time to what time and who was there? Who voted that they would not cast with such a nice bunch of casters and why did it take a call from me on the following Tuesday to find out the ridiculous results of the late night Friday special meeting: That we can NOT cast with them. Unbelievable! And I wonder, since two of us are card caring members of Capital Longcasters which of us is welcome singularly, or are any of us welcome singularly or is there a limit of just the two that are members of both clubs or are they considered Potomac longcasters when they are together or do they have to renounce their membership in Potomac Loncasters altogether to gain admittance on the "reserved field" or are we classified as the general public if anyone of us shows up one at a time and I wonder why we don't just join Capital Loncasters or do we have to submit a written request for that too? Would we even be welcome? What if we wore disguises and just showed up anyway? We could go as the X-Presidents!! What would the penalty be if we were discovered? United States Casting Club espionage or Casting club treason on US Park property. I can see it now; James feverishly cell phoning the Rangers: " I have a permit, I have a permit, they don't, they don't!!" and The Rangers running after us and carrying us all away in disguise and I'm yelling; " I'm a caster not a crook!!!"
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an olive branch extended from an army of one

dwight kissinger, well said. was there a course on diplomacy taught to soldiers in this mans' army? if so, you are a quick study. i salute you my friend! and i am looking forward to casting with you real soon.

To thechosenone: No, no more hugs for James.

To Indio: Ok Gandi! It,s just my opinion, I might me wrong.

To Ralph: I, of course am not a diplomat, as you can see, I just call them as I see them. But since you mention diplomacy, realize this; it is James declaring someone personna non grata not I.
thanks for the compliments RALPH and CHARLIE !

let's enjoy the comradarie we have , and move on with life.
life is too short to play with head games .

i will see you guys on the field soon.

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves,
and, under a just God, cannot retain it."
-Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

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Good post and nice qoute Dwight! Sorry you couldn't make it today. Earl and I wore our selves out in the tall grass and soggy field, and the picnic area looked like a war zone. We counted 9 and 1/2 trees down from the storm.
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