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OK fellas; I normally fish from a 22' Glacier Bay in the Chesapeake Bay and do very well. However, this surf fishing stuff has me very frustrated. Every year I meet with a group of old friends who visit OB from the Anapolis and Philly area. We have been doing this for about 10 years. The problem is if we put all the fish we have caught in one 5gal bucket over the past 10 yrs the bucket might be half full!!!
My questions are: do you all fish with multiple rods at all times? That is, one rod out as far as it will cast, another half way, then the last in close to the break? How do you cut your bait fish? We usually cut big chunks of menhaden, spot or whatever. Are the heads the best, the mid section, or ahould I be cutting them into strips?
I have read about assessing the beach for sloughs, points etc.. so I know what I am suppose to be looking for, I guess.
If it wasn't for the great companionship, the beautiful beaches and of course a few beers and cigars I would just give up on this method of fishing!!!!
Any advice you accomplished sea shore fishermen could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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