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IF you want action on Blues Lynnhaven Pier Might be the ticket

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I am guessing that the blues will be at Lynnhaven pier again tonight from 6-8pm.

If you get the chance and want some hot action head out there!

Who is going for sure?
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Would love to make it out there, but stuck on overtime, I read the posts earlier on how to prepare blues, I have heard from several people you can take them Bake'um then scrape all the meat into a bowl let it cool, then add the ingredients you would use to make crab cakes and fry them in oil, they say if you threw in a couple of shells you would swear you were eating a crab cake, with all the blues that are being caught it wouldn't hurt to try it. Good luck tonight at Lynnhaven. Tight Lines :D [/LIST]
I'm with you on overtime, Dog. Of all the weeks to get slammed at work - I had to "leave early" at 6pm to get into the action. Ended up making up the hours after the fish frenzy last night. Nothing like a fishy smelling keyboard. :)
OOOHHHH yeah, those cakes are the ticket. The recipe is on the back of the canned Salmon at the grocery store. Check it out and just replace the Salmon with the ‘flaked’ bluefish.

Gotta get some, been trying since Sunday GDude. I struck out, think I left too early. Tonight might be the night I can cut lose for a few. If I’m there I’ll be on the SAND!
No offense guys but nothing is as good as real Maryland crab cakes! :)
Legal Seafood..YES the Legal Seafood from Boston makes a Bluefish Pate as an apetitizer. It is served about room temperature with extrememly salty crakers. Out of this world. If you have a smoker as well take a blue 2-5 lbs (no bigger) cut off head, and clean (do not fillet) and place in smoker. The oily meat smokes very well. The secret to good tasting Bluefish (yes there is such a thing) is not to eat any over 5 lbs--exrememly oily. I personally prefer 1-2 lbers. When you catch them (if you are keeping them) bleed immediately by cutting Gill plate or tail. When you fillet remove as much of the red stripe (same as Striper) in the meat. If prepared correctly you can't tell the difference in blue than spot or croaker.
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