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If everyone shows up...

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You don't want to go crazy and fish the bay or Matapeake with all those boaters on the loose on opening day - Do you? Join us Saturday the 19th for our journey to Delaware's 3R's and Indian River Inlet!

Watch out stripers and blackfish (or TOG if you prefer)! :D
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I prefer blackfish myself, but who would know what I am talking about? LOL. I can't wait. I just hope the tog are in by then.
Just to get you guys pumped up! ;)

Delaware DNR Report for April 14th:

"OCEAN – While heavy winds, strong rains and high seas kept most of the boats in the marina, and made it nearly impossible for even the shore fishermen to get a bait in the water, the action should be on again by this weekend. Stripers were reported in both the surf and along the jetties at Indian River Inlet before the stormy weather moved through and should be back on a feed by the weekend, if not earlier. Tog fishing is also picking up for anglers soaking green crabs and frozen fleas in the jetty rocks along the north and south shores of the inlet. Flounder reports also have been good – especially for this early in the season – in the inlet, with fishermen scoring on legal fish around the entrance to the South Shore Marina, the Burtons Island Slough, the VFW hole and back in Masseys Ditch."

:DI'm ready to ROCK! :D
In the north corner we have SandCrab, a militant fisherman with a large surf cart. He is toting his 8 ft baitcaster armed with bucktails. His partner today will be Rockfish--a feisty beast with a striped mask.

In the south corner we have the Duke of Fluke, a sort of mysterious man around these parts--yet to be seen in action by the announcer. He no doubt has an arsenal of heavy artillery--probably some stiff baitcaster set ups designed to yank em right out of the rocks. His partner today will be the blackfish--also known as tog. He is adept at hiding in the rocks and then stealing the bait.
And they're off! In a strange turn of events they have turned against their partners. Sandcrab just nailed his 34" partner--Rockfish with a 1 ounce bucktail tipped with a 4" white worm and a 1/4 ounce trailer. Ouch. That hurt. Duke of Fluke had to work slowly and methodically to coax tog out of the rocks. Just as tog trusted DoF enough to try the green crab, DoF tossed him out of the water and into a 5 gallon pail filled with ice. Brutal.
In an even stranger twist of events, DoF is burning his partner to death. Now he is eating him. I've never seen such pleasure on a man's face.
DoF and Sandcrab are finally meeting in the middle of the jetty. What's that? They are shaking hands. They are going home.
:confused: :confused:
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Husky - You should be an announcer! :D

Hope you didn't ruin my bucktail setup taking it out of Rockfish! ;)
Looking into getting some fresh herring or bunker. I got a bunker source - hopefully, they will have fresh when I get there tomorrow.
gentlemen. i don't like this, but i must let you know. there is a strong east wind out there today[thursday]. small craft warnings are up, and beach crossings are closed. tomorrow, more of the same. possibly walk ons at beach, but call tomorrow between[8-4:30]. the inlet should be okay. the # to call is 302-227-2800 that is the park office. if there is anything i can help with just post here.

Are there stores like 7-11 or gas stations that stay open all night and sell bait around IRI or Cape Henlopen?
Any idea if it'll be cleared up on Saturday?
yuck, I'm seeing 14 mph winds with gusts up to 19 mph and temps in the low 50s.

That's pretty windy ain't it?
If surf is bad how about fishing on the pier? Cape Henlopen...
After seeing the forcast I don't feel so bad about being on call this weekend. Looks like if there's any fishing to be done, IRI is the place though it doesn't look to promising for tog with the low water temps. I think I'll fish Little Falls in Parkton tomorrow morning for rainbow trout. I always get my limit there and it's easy fishing.


One of these days I have to do some ultralight fishing for trout with you. How far from Baltimore is the falls?
jangwuah. there are a couple gasstatiopns open. both on rte 1 &24. i don't know about bait. depends on when you expect to get here. what kind of bait do you want. i'll see what i can do. i don't think the surf will[crossings] will be open. possibly walk ons. the inlet should be ok, but will get crowded. same at cape, but beaches may be better. the phone at cape is 302-645-8983.
Old Inlet Bait and Tackle will be open at 6 AM on Saturday for all of you guys venturing down to IRI on Saturday.... For those of you coming from up North, there are a few bait and tackle shops once you hit Lewes on DE Rte. 1. R & R Sports Center in Lewes should be open early as well b/c the freshwater trout season has started in Delaware already and there are quite a few freshwater areas along Rte. 1.... Good luck to all of you guys the Striper action has been incredible at IRI the past few days. My advice is if you have a large group coming, get there early b/c the locals and regulars have been out in full force, especially on the incoming tide, so spots will be hard to come by. Look for a 17' Pro Line with a red decal.... I'll be out there with you guys about 100 yards out from you.
Sandcrab...Little Falls is about 35 minutes from my house which is next to Johns Hopkins University. I'd be delighted to have you fish with me. Little Falls is sort of secluded compared with the rest of the trout streams in the area. Not a lot of traffic there. If you like ultralight you have to wade the Daniels area of the Patapsco River for smallmouth with me. I've been fishing it for over 40 yrs. and know some real sweet spots. I usually strat fishing it around mid June. Nothing fancy, just a pair of shorts and an old pair of tennis shoes. Looking forward to it. :) :)


Sounds like a plan - nothing finer than catching smallies in a stream on 2 lb test! Keep me in the loop and let me know after June. That's when I move into my new house and I know I'll be busy as heck.

Do you fish any of the reservoirs up around you? I have a 14' jonboat and a 55 lb thrust saltwater trolling motor that I use to fish Tridelphia (closed now to all). Maybe I could meet you on the reservoir and we could do some freshwater fishing for LMB, pickeral, or musky.
Snadcrab...Some of the smallied will definitely test your skills with 2# line. I fish Liberty for fresh water strippers, largemouth, and walleye. The stripper spring migration is just about done but fall fishing can be outstanding. I used to keep a boat at Liberty and would hit it after work just about everyday. Lots of good structure to fish. We'll do it. BTW, where's the new house going to be?

I can always use my spare spool with 4 lb test line for smallies.

New house in Bowie. After I get settled in, I should be back into the fishing groove. :)
Greetings All!

Just read the latest forecast for Saturay, and reluctantly decided to stay home. With tidal surges, E-NE winds @20-25 mph, and the high temp forecasted below 60 degrees (without the wind chill), that three hour drive sounds very unappetizing...

Wishing all who do show up a great day of striper fishing (the worse the weather, the better the fishing is the saying I always heard.) All that cold seawater dumping in will probably put the kabosh on any other species. Remember to take plenty of pics and post reports. I'll have to wait until May 04 (coincedentally my oldest son's birthday) to sample IRI's bounty. At least I know the tog will be in by then, with a possibility of weakies and blues. Good luck to all!!
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