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1. What is best to clean bearings with? Lighter fluid, brake fluid, gun solvent or something else?

2. What is a "bayonet" on a reel. What is its significance.

3. What is the best way to balance the line on a reel, the first time.

4. Should you use any wax, oil or any other substance on your guides to improve distance.

5. Can you wax your lead in a tournament?

6. What is the best material to place between your thumb and the spool when casting.

7. What exactly is the magnetic control supposed to be set at during the beginning of the cast? The middle of the cast, etc. and how is it worked during the cast.

8. What brand of line is best for a mainline and where do i get it.

9. What kind of line is best for a shockleader and where do I get that.

10. How fast is fast on a tournament reel? How long should it spin with line on a freespool?

Thanks for your help in advance. These are all legitimate questions, all answers will be appreciated.

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Great Questions

You will get different answers but these should get you close.

1. Lighter fluid, Starting fluid (ether). My favorite is an industrial electrical contact cleaner. Removes the old oil and any trash and evaporates completely.

2. Bayonet is the knob used to adjust the magnetic control.

3. http://neilmackellow.sea-angler.org/reel_tuning.html

4. Guess you could, never tried it.

5. Same as #4.

6. Most use a section of bicycle innertube cut to fit over the thumb.

7. At the begining the mag control should be set to give enough braking to control fluff and the dreaded blowup. It depends on the reel and the oil used in the bearings. On a 5500-6500 with a benfield type conversion about 1/4 turn off of max should work. Somewhere between 10-15 second spin time.

8. Gamigatsu 12, suffix 10, titeline 10 all work for the 150 gram class. Most important thing is to measure the line. 150 gram - min .31 min 125 gram - .28 min.

9. Any mono, high vis that measures over .75 This is usually 60 lb test.

10. Depends on you. Some guys like the super fast reels, 2-3 minute + spin times. These reels require more mag braking and are a little more difficult to control. Others use thicker oil and less mags to brake. Rocket oil comes in three grades,

Tournament - very fast
Yellow - fast but controllable
red - slower, great for fishing

Kinda middle of the road myself, normally use yellow and tune for spin times of around 60-90 secs.

Hope this helps

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