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I hate boats

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I don't know how much detail to add to this story, but I'll try and keep it short.

Saturday morning I went down to a boatel in Pasadena, Md. to go out on a friend's boat. Now keep in mind that this boat has seen better days; even though it's almost brand new, it's sunk twice. And it's one of those dual engine Yamaha jet boats--fast as hell but hard to steer and not good in rough water.

The first thing we discovered was that my friend had left some lights on and drained the battery. So after jumping it and spending 20 minutes at the dock letting it warm up, we left the dock and promptly lost one engine leaving the marina.

Luckily, my friend had bought an extra battery at the marina so if we totally crapped out, we'd hopefully have enough juice to get restarted. After an hour or so of limping toward the Bay Bridge, we stopped and anchored up and shut off the engine, convinced the alternator had charged it back up. After an hour of fruitless bottom fishing, we started the engine back up (I was able to fire the second one up this time) and we took off.

But after about five minutes at full throttle, the boat started to lose power. The left engine was shot entirely. It would rev but no water would come out the jets and the right engine had lost almost all power. I turned on the bilge, concerned we were taking on water. After slowing down the boat and leaving the bilge on, things seemed better. We headed back to Ft. Smallwood and tried to anchor up one last time.

I walked to the bow and tossed the anchor, lost my balance and went overboard with the line still around my arm. After a split second of realizing the sunlight was fading away as I was sinking, I started kicking furiously to get back to the surface and get the line off my arm. I swam to the back of the boat and climbed on and once I'd stopped freaking out, started laughing so hard that I couldn't stop for a good 20 minutes.

My friend, however, didn't think it was very funny. He said that when I went over he thought I'd hit my head. He just sat over the side and chain smoked for a while until he quit freaking out.

You know, some of us just belong in the surf, and I think I'm one of them.
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Let's be careful out there!!
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