Looking for old school stump heavers! Looking for Harnells, St croixs, Lamiglas, Fenwicks, Gator Glass, Magnuflex, etc. I am an avid collector of old school one piece rods and am seeking out more. I am based in Farmville V.A, but am willing to travel to N.C and or MD for the right rods. Thank you guys and God Bless.

Blanks/ Rods looking for
Lamiglas 1604m, 1625m, 1207m,1606m

Gator Glass Shark, Shark Unltd

Magnuflex Hatteras Heaver and or Black Magic.

Harnell 552, 553, 555

Fenwick 16810, 1689, 1389.

St croix Graph Lites, Medallion