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Ok based on talpia's thread i thought i'd voice my opinion on the subject after geting beaten in FL and in va for the last 24 yrs.

1. Beer when the candles burn down and the food is getting cooked because you need it to keep this is very important because t eases the pain and keeps things cool after the ice has all melted.

2. The person who invented hurricane proof windows is not in the path that is true but you can belive him it won't shatter THE FIRST TIME it gets hit but you better belive the second time that it gets him it's gone.

3. Sand bags are cool ....untill the water flows over them then their just somthing to trip over when wadeing out of your house.

4. If If a tree falls on your house or is leaning tward your house don't let the village idiot start cutting on it.

5.I guess shelters are cool...untill the roof comes off then it is kind like staying in a trailer ...if your gonna leave your house do it don't go down the street and let the shool built by the lowest bidder "protect" you

6. Looters after the storm are great gets your aim up for hunting season.

7. Insurance people don't wanna be there so don't schedule them on the first day give it a little bit you get more money and crap for less time.

8. Hurricane forcasting is done by getting a lot of inputs from diffrent forcasters and then the guesstmated track is chosen...hmmm leaving it to the odds .....by people that are only right 22% of the time on a normal day let alone on somthing major that they have a week and a half to do

I hope that this has been informative to all now I am going to Milton and see what hasen't fallen down or gotten blown away so I can try to buy a house..... Gotta love military scheduling on your move

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