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Huge tautogs at SPSP

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Now that I have your attention, I'm going to try this again.
Does anyone have GPS coordinates for the Maryland/ Delaware Hot spots?
I think you guys are the best.
Gregg (Kayode)
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Might want to check on of those boat stores like BoatUSA. They have lots of charts.
Heres The GPS #'s for SPSP, good luck on the rest.

GPS Location SPSP: 39.00.38N, 076.24.08W

Clyde Blake's Boating & Fishing
Thanks Hat80.
With the lack of responses I recieved, or didn't recieve to my last post I was wondering if P&S was anti-toys and technical gagetry or that I had somehow offended the group as a whole.
Sorry about having to mislead you guys and get you all excited.
(Actually I was sitting here snickering when I wrote the subject line.)
Surf-fisherman aren't teches :p ,Its mostly done instincivly.Though,my dad uses them on the boat,and its not a bad idea to use them.
Not anti-toys, just that GPS is really a boat tool used for locating spots in open water and really don't have much use in surf fishing.
Sand Flea
You would be suprised at how useful a hand held can be in this game.
I've read numerous posts on P&S asking for diections. Simple Lat/Long are easier and really handy when there's miles of beach landscape but you want to mark a "hole" or bar that might otherwise not be visible.
It also provides accurate moon, and more importantly, tide tablesthat you might not have on hand walking on to an unfamiliar stretch.
Techies or not, I still think you guys are great, and very helpful.
I know the guys who fish AI rely on them to get them back to their "honey holes" along the beach. ;)
Kayode...Nobody is going to give up their GPS #'s. A lot of time, money, and effort goes into those #'s and they're closely guarded. Your have to get them the old fashion way, put in the time. Join the TidalFish forum, get to know the guys, attend some of their events, "ho" for them once in a while, offer help with boat maintenance, and in a few years you may get some good #'s. That's how I did it and got my #'s.

Kayode didn't ask for the #'s to the secret hole, but he'll be able to drive to the park with no problems.

Clyde Blake's Boating & Fishing
That's right Hat80.
Catman, no secerets revealled. Just the parks, piers, jetties, etc.
I thank both of you for your input.
It's keeping this thread alive. Hopefully long enough to get the info I need.
I'm looking primarily for public accesses any way. Locations already on this site as well as parks and DNR sites.Those sites however show you map locations but no coordinates.
I know that you guys out there have my info, give it up please. :)
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