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Bob Jaspers

"If you can have a conversation with anglers in another boat without having to yell at the top of your lungs, you are too darn close to them."

"If you drive up to another boat and ask, how's the fishing, catching anything? "You're too darn close to them."

"If you're poling around another boat on the flat and you can see steam coming out of the angler's ears on the other boat, you're too darn close to them."

"If you drive, pole, or troll near another boat on the flat and you can read the logo on the front of their t-shirt, you're too darn close to them."

Matt Martin

Hear the other guy's conversation about how bad his wife's cooking is....you are to close

Doug Blanton

If you are standing next to another fisherman and you are not on a party boat.... you are too close to them.
If are getting tangled up in another fisherman fishing line.... you are to close too them.

If you are in a fly fisherman backcast.... you are to close too them.

If you hook the same fish another person is fighting.... you are to close too them.

If you can tell the color of their eyes and you are a different boat.... you are to close too them.


If you can cast your lure into someone elses boat when you are fishing the flats, you are too close!

If you run by a fisherman and end up with 100 yards of braided line around your lower unit, you might have gotten too close...

(as someone from the list said they had a problem with one time) If you see a wade fishermans expression as being the old "deer in the headlights" as you run in on him/her at 4500 rpms, you might be too close.


If your Topwater Plug keeps hanging up on the other guy's anchor line.

If you reach into the cooler and find beer you didn't buy.

If you feel the need to tell the people in the other boat to take their shoes off when they walk.

If your hear someone say OUCH every time you backcast.

Ted Cayer

If your retrieve comes back with a ham sandwich, you're probably too


you know your to close to another boat at night when the tarpon they have
hooked jumps and lands in you boat and tears the day light out of your
boat. (government cut miami 1973)

your kite fishing and the charter boat's outrigger catches the line to your
kite. only other boat in sight and they have to fish where you are. (off of
the whistle buoy ocean reef 1981)

your to close when they throw their anchor and it almost lands in your
boat. (near harbor branch irl 2000

Captain Keith

If you can see them tying a heavy weight on the end of their line, and note
the evil glint in their eye, then you're too close.

If they ask you if that is artificial hair or natural hair, and you suspect
it is your fly, not your toupee, they are talking about, then you're too

When the lady on the boat feels they need to put a cover-up over their
bathing suit, then you're too close.

If you're downwind, and you know they had Mexican food with extra beans last
night, you know you're too close!

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