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hey guys i know i asked this last year but because i only surf fish once a year i tend to forget.

hook size for overall use? #6 circle smaller bigger? i just want to catch whatever. i have caught everything typical over the years drum, pomps, spots, mullet, croakers, rays, sharks, blues.

i just use double drop loops rigs with 20 lb mono that i tie. i usually end up using 2-5 oz. i used to use carolina rigs and fish finders but found no difference.


1. hook size?
2. style. this is nuts to me. . . khale? long shank? mosquito?
3. i usually always use circle. good?
4. my rigs. i tie 17 to 20 lb mono cause if i use smaller hooks i need to be able to get hook on cause of how small the holes are. that weight ok?

i appreciate the help.
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