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Got up the Urge, to just "Try out" my new Heaver... Went down to River Road Park, out on the Pier, which is only about 5' above the Water line...
I've mostly ALWAYS have had folks Throwing My anchor out for Me, 5~7 OZ weights for Anchors, off the pier King Fishing..
I bought & have a 12' PENN Prevail with a 5000 PENN Pursuit reel.. Spooled with 17 lb Stren Line..
All I can say is HOLY COW!.. This set up is SWEET!
See, I've only One arm, (thus my nick name Bandit :p ).. The Butt of the Rod I could put under under My *stub* as the butt is long enough, then throwing My Rod..
I had a #5 ounce Weight.. I was able to Hit, 75 to 100 yards,time after time.. (Guess-a-mation) cast after cast with EAZE!! Not bad for a one-Armed guy.. :)
Folks, please don't treat this as SPAM.. :spam:
I'm just sayin, If I can "Sling" that much weight, Straight & true, in the "slot", that's something, with out killing someone, hitting them..
I'm "highly" recommending this set-up! For around 100.00 +/-, you cannot beat it!
Then again, I've been fishing with cheap Tourist Stuff for Many years.. It's all I ever could afford. this was My first "Investment" into decent gear,, into something I could, I dunno, be proud of, (you know I'm @ a loss for words).. :p
I can only think,, If I,, can throw this that far... OMG, what could My Pier Buddies Do?! :eek:
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