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Hey Ralph

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Well you stopped casting with us,You don't take time to call us, so whats up you being a jerk or are you just busy? Call me at home in the evening 301-459-0763
Check out my fish in the photo gallery.
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hey bob, nice fish! that is what this really is all about isn't it. the size of your fish. ;)
What ever you say. Actually I need the 2pc1pc rod you have for next weekend.I don't care what you think about the fish.Thought you would like to see what you can't catch.
Just kidding! Call me tonight or post your home phone number.
bob, i was just making joke. i did not mean anything by the comment. i was in fact glad to actually see the fish. it is as beautiful as described. honeslty i did mean anything by the comment. i know you have heard the innnuendo that that size does matters. hey, let know when and where you would like me to bring the rod and i will bring to you.

sorry bud.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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