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Hey Poser

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Did you send my the video yet ? inquireing minds are wondering. Big Dave
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How much snow did you get Dave? We only got 14" where I am in Ct.
Hi John how have you been?
Hard to say for sure at my house because of snow drifts. but a good 2 feet anyway. Boston had the most snow ever from one storm over 27 inches. When I went out this AM to plow the driveway the snow was mid thigh deep in the drivway.
Dave, I worked on it yesterday and will finish it today. E-mail me your address.
Hope Crisfield is cleared for the spring ,heard they got 49" in sections of Maryland :)
Charlie send me an email message. the email address posted here on your posts keeps getting returned as address unknown.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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