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Yes, the link I sent were from last fall's (2002) drum run. A few drum are caught in the spring, but is not consistent as it is in the fall. The drum bite occurs about 3-4 weeks before any bite develops at the point.
They do ok on some of the other fish you mentioned. Best to check this message base for news or call the pier directly.

The state record king mackerel was caught off this pier by a king rigger. Also, every year they catch a decent number of cobia by folks fishing the bottom with drum rigs baited with chunks of bait.

I would add Little Island to the mix of spots that you fish. Skip a trip or two to the point and instead fish the pier, especially whenever you hear of a bite, or when you don't want to make that long drive south. Who knows, you might get lucky and hook-up with bubba.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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