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Hello all. We are from Blacksburg, SC.

We have made several trips to the beach/ocean to fish within the last year. We have gotten bitten by the bug and have developed a true interest in surf/pier fishing. We have also learned that shark fishing is the bomb.

We are planning on going to Edisto Beach over the thanksgiving Holiday for some fishing. We haven't fished there before so It's all new to us.

A couple of Questions:

Where's the best fishing spots? I heard that at the end of the island there is good fishing as well as the pier there. What is hitting at this time of the year?

I have also been reading about using a Kite to carry your line way out past casting distance. Has anyone done this? Is there a special kind of kite? How is it rigged for release once it gets out far enough?

Thanks in advance for any info you may have.

Michael & Sharon
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