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Heaver Day

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Went to Heaver Day, perfect weather with excellent company It was like a surf fishing show you only dream of everything that was supposed to be there was there.I thave been to many fishing shows but never a surf fishing show.Got to see Tommy,Ryan and the guys from Ninja tackle and Cape Henry CRFG,plus everybody else. You got a chance to handle the rods and cast them on a designated casting field ,I don't know where else you can do that. Even got a chance to see the new Carolina Cast pro Gen 3 rods. We drove 5 hours each way from MD,it was wort it and will do it again next year. I'm not going to mention the dealer show discounts.
I still use that Cape Point Special I bought from you years ago, thanks. Did you buy something new at the show?
Yeah,I couldn't help my self,got a CCP, Gen 3,13ft. 3-6ozs. blank for a sweet price from Tommy and some rigs from Ninja Tackle
I bought a Gen 1 13' 3-6 oz. when they first came out from Tommy, great rod, I have a Gen II 11' also a great go-to rod, he made some nice improvements on the Gen II rods. Looking forward to seeing the Gen III rods.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts