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Heading to SPSP Sunday morning

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Ill be heading to SPSP Sunday morning after work. Ill post results when i return from my trip. If anyone is going give me a shout ill look for you on the beach..........Tight Lines

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I was there at spsp last week (fri and sun, 5hour each night) . I did not catch a single one. I think that it is really slow in Jul (not sure if this is true or not). I can't wait to read you post message. This is my first year at spsp. If you or anyone have good days in last july please reply. thank you so much, wishing all anglers with good days and nights...........
I was just there at SPSP last night, read my post in this forum, SPSP 7/11

It was again a great night and this is my first season on the bay.
I've just started fishing off the beach, I used to walk out on the rock jetty. I do much better off the beach. Distance does seem to be the key though.......:D
Results from SPSP 7/13/03

We fished the beach near the first rockpile. We only caught 2 nice perch with everything else being throwbacks. That was the way it was happening all over the beach. Almost everyone got skunked. Next time i go there it will be at night to see how it goes. I always hear good reports about night fishing there............Tight Lines

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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