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Heading down Sunday!

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I'll be hitting the beach hard next week from Ramp43 down to 55. I'll try to post some timely reports. If you see a gray Tacoma with an ugly-azz homemade cooler rack, that'll be me. Hopefully things will pick up a bit as it seems like Hermine has cooled things off a bit.
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Fished the Point Monday AM. Small pomps, blowtoads for me, as I was packing up to leave guy next to me is hooked up and lands a 30' drum. Saw a few underslot pups caught, but it was slow. Heard about a run of Spanish later. Moved up to 43 and got a 14' pomp on shrimp. Today started at 49 and had one 17" puppy and a bunch of toads and lots of pinfish stealing bait. The weather is great, NE wind today cleaned the water up and the rest of the week is looking great, hope the fishing picks up.
Wed spent the day at Ocracoke ramp 67. Incoming tide, another beautiful day, 1 18" puppy drum and a dozen or so 10-14" blues for the day. Had a spinner shark doing flips for half an hour 300yds out. Really cool to see.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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