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My first time at the Haulover Canal and must say, it is as good
or better than the Max Brewer Bridge.
Fished off the bank on the South West side of the bridge. The anglers
on the other side of the canal had to deal with the short bank and overhanging trees.
Where I was at it was just nice. Easy access to get under the bridge but there was
a strong steady cold breeze off the ocean that made it uncomfortable for me.
I sat in my chair in the sunshine !!
The coolest part is that I could drive down the embankment and back my Jeep right
up to within 20 feet of where I was fishing.
Land lot Aerial photography Road Thoroughfare Map

The boats anchored or drifting in the vicinity of the bridge had the best luck with the
big fish. Saw a huge sheepshead caught and some redfish using blue crab chunks or live pinfish.

The bank fishing average was a few mangrove snapper, small sheeps, couple of sand perch per party.

NEXT time, I will be taking some blue crab and small hooks to catch some pinfish for bait.

bottom fishing will EAT UP YOUR TACKLE !!! I have never fished such a rocky place in all my life.
The wind and current was moving so strong that float fishing was next to impossible.
Most of our fish was caught just 15-25 feet from shore. all in all, a good day for learning.
Horseshoe crabs were just as bad as the stupid toad fish.
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