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Made a weekend trip targeting trout in the morning from kayak and drum in the evening from surf. Turns out the kayak was the ticket.

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22OCT - Arrival day. Launched around noon. Started out calm enough, but quickly became windy out of SW and choppy with the front moving through. I would drift across the grass flats and paddle back until it got to be too much. I picked a bad day to forget my anchor, so gave up after 2 hours with only a small speck and small drum to show for the effort. Typical for mid-day fishing.

23OCT - Launched at 7:30 to slick calm conditions at low tide. Did my normal drift with popping cork delivering the goods. All color grubs and gulp shrimp produced, but white seemed preferred on the sunny day. Kept 4 @~19" and released a couple others.
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24OCT - NW wind switched around to easterly. Fish seemed to get bigger. Limited out with largest fish around 20". Released a few more. Back by lunch the past 2 days with some delicious rewards.
Weather was great and so fun watching that cork take a dive. Sure... there were plenty of lost tails to pin fish, but there were also times i would see a 20" trout chase it to the boat or they would miss it and come back and hit it again. Good times. Also tried casting a trout trick around when i anchored, but no takers.
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The surf side was less productive. I fished the point until 9pm two nights in a row. Only small stuff - or a total freight train run from a biter. I did see a few pups, but it was relatively slow from what i saw.
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