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I was told they where a store only to find out it's not and I emailed them, look at this.

I wrote

Ok first are you located in a dilapidated old house? I went there after hearing that you have the abu casters you can't normally get here is this true. I drove 20 min to find a dilapidated old house at your address with 3 SUV's out side and did not have the balls to go knock on the door thinking I might get shot and was walking in to a meth lab was this you? I called via cell phone wile outside several times no answer why? If this is you how is it legal no zoneing board would let anyone put a store there.

He wrote back

OK, first, who pissed in your Wheaties this morning?

#2 they are called coasters, you idiot, not casters .... and yes, we have them.

#3 we DO NOT have a store here, we have a LEGAL mail order business with the required C/O

#4 if you could read you wouldn't have driven all the way out here because you would have noticed we are MAIL ORDER ONLY. Mainly because we don't want people like you showing up at our house and getting shot, you know, with all the meth labs around and all. Plus, our house is so old and dilapidated you might get hurt if we were to let you in, although, I'm 100% sure it's built a ton better than your house. SOLID BRICK, plaster, solid wood, cast iron pipes, NO cinder blocks, flake board, plastic siding, cheap drywall, PVC, etc., etc., etc....

#5 Why didn't I answer the phone? I KNEW IT WAS YOU, that's why! Please stay out of our run down neighborhood from now on so I don't have to call the police on you.

#6 where are you from, I mean originally, Philly or NY?

#7 and most importantly, I hope things go better for you tomorrow, please have a great day!
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