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Well we headed back out, noticed I said we. FIsh weren't bitin at all. It was windy.

First things that I immediately noticed was how fragrant-free the benches were. I soon found out why. I sure didn't know "Norfolk's finest" partoled the pier in full uniform. Sure made it interesting watching everyone sipping on their beers at about the same time, well after he had made one of, what would turn out to be, his many patrols. Sorta like watching a water ballet, completely in sequence.:jawdrop: Only thing missing was Waltz music. So when I got back to minding my own business, I got down to some serious theory testing.

I worked on making and testing leaders by alternating line length on them as well as location of hooks at different positions on the leader. Seems I was only getting hits on the bottom hook. At least all that were brought over the rails were on the bottom hook.

Fished from near the end of the pier, back to the center, and since there weren't as many anglers as when we first arrived I was able to get close to my favorite fishing spot. Only thing is you have to cast in just the right spot....too far to the right and you get snagged on just about every retrieve....too far to the left and you end up crossing someone's line. Good to find the spot is still productive. Even though I only got small nibblers there, it's still my #1.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There were a lot of sharks caught at the end. Too many sharks. One guy a few benches from me caught an almost keeper flounder on a minnow. What a loud splash that one made when it went back in. Made me go, "Ooh, [email protected]#^." I felt his pain. I saw one keeper grey trout also. Other than that, not much of anything going on unless you were in a tried and proven productive spot. There's only a few of those on Harrison's that I am aware of.

I did manage to go home with 3 nice size spots. Of course I caught only 1 of them. The other 2 were donations from neighboring anglers. The croakers we caught were too small to keep. And those pesky bait stealing black bass. Everything was basically caught on fresh shrimp. Even the spot.

We left around 3 am. Even though the fishing was dead, the night did go by fast. Made it even better that we didn't have to pay. Our bands were good from the last trip there.:D

Gotta run yall. I am a couple hours late getting a start at my Saturday yard sale seeking routine.
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