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Harrison's Pier 7/25

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My wife and I fished Harrisons from 8pm to 10pm tonight, I can't stay out that long when she is there. There was a light bite the whole time, small croaker and spot. I fished some clam, got many bites right under the pier, but never got a hookup. Don't know if it was spades or not.

Nothing really exciting while we where there. The place was Packed...almost every bench was full and the first half was elbow to elbow.

Going to give Mr. Flattie a shot tomorrow morning at Rudee, If anyone sees me, stop by and say hi, I am the one not catching anything. ha.

tight lines--todd
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i just moved about a 1/2 mile down the beach from harrisons in willoughby...fished the beach for the first time tonight..used nightcrawlers to catch me a couple of croaker and then used them as cut bait....i caught a 16 inch and 19 inch striper on cut croaker...i was shocked:) but happy.....caught a few croaker too ,then tide went out and the bites died.....but the stripers made my day:)
Nice job Kajun,

I fish there usually 3 times a week once striper season opens, I did pretty well last year, and a few of my buds did a heck of a lot better than I did. I logged about 35 - 40 stripers in nov alone, just from harrison's. I also saw a guy lose a 20+ lber at the end of the pier trying to raise it without a net.

Your lucky to be close, harrison's is a fun pier. good luck--todd
I need help

I am coming back to this area after a long break in Ga. I keep hearing a lot about the Lesner Bridge. How do I get there?
its the bridge between little creek navy base and ft. story army base....on shore drive...cant miss it if you drive along shore drive...you'll see the duck inn on your right on one side of bridge and a boat ramp on other side......i fish the duck inn side...less ppl .
Thanks for you help; I got some directions from some others at work (non-fishers of course) and they had me going towards the bridge near the city zoo. I will try Lesner Bridge out one evening after work this week, I did go to Virginia Beach pier on Saturday and caught a cooler full of Roundheads (seamullets) , and a few croakers, I was still cleaning fish this morning. --- Some guys fishing next to me said they were cathing them for bait for a boat trip on sunday, Imagine my surprize when I seen them as I was leaving at the fish cleaning station.:
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