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Fished the incoming tide tonight from 9pm - 1am. A small wind was from the East was constant the whole night (Nice breeze). I was pleasantly suprised to find that the pier was not that crowded tonight. Fished toward the end of the pier and later moved to the end as people left.

Tossed some cut bait out all night and nothing even sniffed it, not even a crab!

Bottom fished a bit for some spot or croaker and nothing! Threw the top/bottom rig out again with squid on it once I moved to the end and BAM>>> first cast got a bit hit. Thought it was a skate, but turned out to be a nice little shark. Of course he had to hit on that pole with old 8lb line on it (Learned my lesson..getting it changed tommorow. I got him up to the rail and ......snap, back in the water he went:mad: ! Oh well, I would have released him anyway, just like catchin them for fun. Other than the shark, didn't have anything even sniff me the rest of the night.

Trout came back out in full force again about 11:30pm and were still at it when I left. Forgot my rigs, so I didn't try, but did see about a dozen or so pulled up again. Believe they were caught on a Sabaki Rig. A bit more size to them tonight, but not much bigger. Saw a few small spot caught and one keeper flounder, but that was it.

Hope to get back out this weekend! Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

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