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The wife and I are headed to the turtle hospital in Hamostead this weekend. I also want to scout some fishing areas. What are some places to check out and also what's the best local restraint? Seafood? Any local fishing piers? 99% of our surf piers in SC are tourist traps. Thanks guys

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Oct 1 the south end of Topsail beach opens access to 4x4 vehicles. A very nice and productive little stretch of beach to fish. You must buy a permit from the police station.

Hampstead restaurants;

Mexican - Camino Real. Great Mexican food and the best deal going on Tues nights, crunchy tacos AYCE .99 each.

Home cooking (breakfast too) - Sawmill Grill. Another good choice is the Village Café.

Bagel bakery. Best bagels around and great sandwiches for lunch.

Cheeseburger - Jebby's

Seafood - funny thing, Hampstead calls itself the seafood capital but no dedicated seafood restaurants. Topsail beach has a few, first that comes to mind is Sears landing just before the draw bridge. If you don't mind driving to Wilmington then the Boathouse on Oleander drive has very good seafood.

Hope this helps

Tommy (Hampstead resident since 2008)
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