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Recently had my first trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. I did a little surf fishing, way too hot. I thought it was humid down around Ft. Bragg but in Gulf Shores it was a sauna.
A couple of days the actual temp. was 89* with a heat index of 106*.
They have a lot of the same fish down there with exceptions and fish a little different style. About the only salt water fishing I have ever done is throwing out a couple of soakers around Kure and Carolina Beaches.

They prefer:
- Only use fresh dead, never frozen, not salted shrimp
- Use live shrimp if available
- Use ghost shrimp if available
- Terminal tackle, black or bronze, no shiny dropper rigs from Walmart, water clarity I guess.
- Gulp Shrimp, 3" New Penny, flavor of choice, maybe white
- Circle hooks very popular

- Red Drum slot is 16" to 26", anything over slot is a "Bull"

Same as East Coast plenty of sharks and a new one to me 'Salt Water Catfish' that have very sharp poisonous spines.
I would like to make a return trip sometime, spring or fall, never again in July.

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We fish Panama City Beach piers every spring. Water is super clear. Artificials or live small fish caught with sabikis seems to be the preferred route with baits there. We tried using dead shrimp and live fiddlers but caught very little that way.
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