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How do you jig for just bottom species like grouper, snapper, triggers? I am trying to target them more this year. i have a few new jigs i want to try out and wanted to see if anyone could help. Below are the jigs i have seen in most reports catching these.

gold 8 oz hammered

Roscoe jig

Pot Roast

Thank you

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make sure you have heavy leader and your knots are good. It sucks loosing ~$15 jigs on a big fish
make sure you have heavy leader and your knots are good. It sucks loosing ~$15 jigs on a big fish

$15.00 bones? Hell, try $24.00 @ 3 the a thirty dollar one.

Jigging can get quite expensive. Youll need something bigger then 100# bite leader. As the jig falls, the fish hit the line end of the jig.

That gold hammered is a good all purpose jig. Try and pick up a couple chrome diamonds as well. 6 ounces and 8 ounces are good. BIg sea bass love them.

Something in the red/gold, or pink/silver worls good too. Check out eastern tackles jigs here.

Dont be afraid to put those jigs down and try bait as well when nothing is biting.
The rosco's are good as well.

Here's some info from the FM site Clyde posted. I am a huge fan of the smith lures for anything; and that one shimano for groupers.


Here's the Smith Nagamasa. The red/gold is killer for anything from grouper to AJ's to Blackfin. I like them big!

This is the Shimano flat side that does well for us. The color is Squid glow. The regular shimano butterfly in mackeral or pink are also killer.

You can get these at http://www.anglers-proshop.com.

For grouper, I really like using big bucktails. 6oz is about right most of the time. Tsunami has one that works well. Tip it with a whole squid or cigar minnow and hold on!

We're gonna give it another go this weekend, hope to have a good report for you.
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