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Went out on early Saturday morning, thanks to my brother for giving me an Amazing birthday gift!

Left @ 6:30 and got to our spot by 7:20 and started chumming for some schoolies. We were tearing them up from the morning to mid-day when the tide stopped, if the old rule of 18" fish were still in place, we would have maxed out within an hour or so, but each fish we were catching seemed to be 19 3/4 of an inch, does somebody update the fish??? It seems like when the limit was 18 only 17 3/4" fish would get hooked!! We did max our limit and hit home with a cooler full of rocks, nothing else was hitting though. Had some nice fish upwards of 27 or so inches, but majority were right above the 20 inch mark. Weather, and water were near perfect! Had a good dinner Saturday and then again on Sunday!! I would say over the course of 6 hours we caught over a hundred or so fish easily, again most of them right below the magic number.

Looking forward to hitting up the shores for trophies in a few weeks!!

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