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Great Day On The PLANKS

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Morning everyone and thank the Lord for another day. Hope this finds you all well. We all had a great day on the planks at Buckroe pier yesterday.Once again I enjoyed the fellowship of all the regulars and my fans and fishing buddies, Ray, Digger, Salty, Backlash, One other that I can't remember his name right now and finally meeting Dr. Bubba and Custer[Tommy Lindsay} really made my day.Unfortunately Sandflea couldn't make it today, but will be fishing with Salty tommorow.I am hopping to meet him one of these days also.Thank you Jerry for the watermellon and for putting out the chum that we all bought.There was 3 cobia caught, 2 small pups and 1-43".Unfortunately, none by me.We exchanged ideas and I showed them a new knot.
One called the improved Albrite knot where as you just make a couple more turns around a single strand through the lop end.. Gave my fans my blessed drum rigs, new type beads and my straw rigs to catch spanish and trout. The spanish never showed up all day.The pier was a little crowded, but when the time came to bring in a cobia we all co operated with bringing in our lines so the one who hasd a cobia on had it free to bring it in.This is what it takes when fishing for them elusive cobia from the planks.The atmosphere and fellowship was great as usual and I am sure everyone had a great day.I left around 5 pm, so I hope there was a couple of cobia caught after that, and the spanish showed up.. I guess Salty or Digger will let us know .Well thats about it for now. Till next time, take care, stay healthy and God love and bless you all. Tony


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Tony, Bubba, Backlash, Ol Hippie, Digger... What a blast... Thanks for answering the million questions I had... Plan on getting back to Buckroe sometime in the next 2-3 weeks...

Again, THanks and I look forward to doing it again !!!!

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